Association of International Scholars (AIS) is a forum with small group of people who shares same ideologies & wisdom regarding knowledge & Research. This association works as a brainstorming ground for academics and “Collins”. People with diversified interests join here to spread their ideas regarding different aspects and try to come out with a completely unalike notion & research. Here they come out with distinctive features of diversified subject areas.


Members are:


AIS identifies those person as its member who-

ü  satisfies important basic criteria.

ü  is directly or indirectly related with academic research.

ü  has minimum academic capability to be involved with extensive research.

ü  must have the mentality to serve the research journals run by the association as an editor or reviewer (if asked).

ü  must abide by the Association’s code of conduct.

ü  has properly applied for AIS Membership with all necessary documents

ü  has got the membership approval from the authority of AIS with a valid membership ID.


You can be the NEXT one!


Membership is open for:

ü  College and university faculty

ü  Independent researchers

ü  PhD candidates

ü  Practitioners

ü  Employees of government, business, or non-profit organizations.


Benefits for YOU:


As an AIS member, you will have the possibility to join more than 2000 of your colleagues who embrace the value of an AIS membership. Whether you are an established researcher, academician or an emerging scholar in the field, you will find it a rewarding experience with far-reaching impact on your career. It’s a place where you can make important contributions to the distinction of our profession.

AIS membership enables you to receive special privileges including:


ü  Online access to all the journals of AIS

ü  Discounts on publication fees for the AIS Journals.

ü  Receive electronic announcements of upcoming events, Call for Papers, and new member benefits.

ü  Submit papers for quick review and publication.

ü  Receive any of the AIS Journals in print for a small fee.

ü  Get the “Membership” certificate.

ü  Opportunity to be involved with cross-cultural research team

ü  Priority in case of IPRPD research grant.

ü  Opportunity to be involved with AIS/IPRPD journals as a reviewer or editor.



Apply Today:


The interested person can apply for AIS membership at any time during the year. Please send the filled up application form, your short biography and a recent photograph to the executive director at


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