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Editors play one of the most vital role in the publishing process flow of our journals. They maintain the quality of published research, guide the direction of the journals, enhance the journals' relevancy and impact, and contribute to the advancement of the broader community. Editors at IJAHSS assess the scope and quality of each submitted manuscript and make a recommendation based on feedback from peer reviewers.  Editorial Boards are collectively responsible for ensuring that the journal publishes high-quality research that falls within its scope and objectives.


Responsibilities of an Editor


1.      Editors are in a complete form of decision making that whether a paper can be   published or not

2.      They are bound to follow required publication Ethics. IJAHSS have a comprehensive list of IJAHSS’s publication ethics policies on our dedicated ethics page.

3.      Editors at IJAHSS perform essential due diligence on all Special Issue proposals. Our team ensures that key information is present and verified, as well as assessing the likelihood of receiving sufficient submissions in response to the Call for Papers

4.      We ask Editors to provide feedback on a journal’s direction or performance. We use this feedback to improve all aspects of our operations.

5.      We hope that our Editors will be keen to share their hard work with colleagues, collaborators, and other connections. The most successful journals are those that are supported and promoted by their Editorial Boards. We encourage Editors to discuss their journals among their colleagues, add them to their online profiles, and promote them at conferences.


Benefits of an Editor


1.      Getting familiar with the most recent theoretical and methodological trends in your field,

2.      Can participate in helping the field advance.

3.      Will get the latest information of Iprpd

4.      Can cooperate with a group of experienced researchers from all over the world;

5.      Can get a certificate provided by Iprpd

6.      Will have his/her name and personal webpage displayed on the journal website.


Terms & Conditions


The acceptance of following terms and conditions confirms the appointment as an Editor of journals at IJAHSS:


ü  The Editors term will be initially one years. Whether the term will be renewed depends on the journal's development, the Editor-in-Chief's contributions and will;

ü  Editors are expected to observe carefully general policies, code of ethics and practices of the (Iprpd)Publications which may change from time to time based on expansion plans for the improvement in quality of the journal system;


To join as an editor, please send your complete CV to  or


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